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As we leave the Christmas season, we are reminded that God has entered into our human existence. God is not only “above” but is also right here in the messy world.  



See  additional  reflections on  the  Sunday  Scriptures 

 in written  or   video form:

Catholic Women Preach provides a well-designed, resource rich, and easily accessible website -- -- where  faithful  and discerning minds can:

  • See and hear preaching by well qualified and diverse women reflecting on lectionary texts for Sunday and selected weekday masses and possibly other biblical readings.

  • Inspire Catholics to appreciate the giftedness of Catholic women’s preaching.

  • Attract young adult Catholics who use social media and modern applications to find a rich, deep spirituality in these resources and to be inspired to find their way back into the liturgical life of the Church.   Additional Reference: Canon 766- Lay Preaching        


Celebrate Family!


ROME (AP)  Pope Francis on Sunday (27 Dec.) proclaimed an upcoming year dedicated to the family.  Francis announced the upcoming " Year of the Family" would begin March 19, the fifth anniversary of his document “The Joy of Love.”  In making the announcement, he offered some friendly papal advice to bickering families, reminding them to say “pardon me, thank you and sorry” and never end the day without making peace.

“Because the Cold War the day after is dangerous,” he quipped.

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