Facility Rental Costs

The Pastoral Center rent is $100 per hour.  The Church Hall rent is $100 per hour.   In addition, there is a $25/hour fee for on-site Holy Rosary support (minimum of $150) and a $105 fee for an insurance rider Holy Rosary is required to have.   The insurance fee is non-refundable.  Balance of payment is due 48 hours before event.

The on-site person will provide guidance in terms of cleaning required at the end of the party.  Trash cans shall be emptied and bags placed in Holy Rosary’s truck.  For a hall rental, the hall and hallways must be swept of all debris.  For a Parish Center rental, the floors and kitchen must be cleaned to the level at which the facility was prior to the event.

Renters are allowed into the Pastoral Center a maximum of 4 hours before their event to set-up and decorate.  Church hall events may have 5 hours prior to event to set-up/decorate.  This must be coordinated beforehand and is subject to Holy Rosary staff availability.  Decorating time does not count towards rental time.


All supplies and equipment must be removed from facility at conclusion of the party.  The facility must be cleared out within one hour of end of party.

A parishioner is someone who is registered with the Parish Office, has been active and contributed to the Parish over the previous six months.  Extended family of parishioners may obtain parishioner rates with Parish Manager approval.   Non-parishioners are required to pay a $300 refundable security deposit also.